Formerly defined as ‘poor but sexy’, Berlin has become one of world’s most loved capitals with its subculture and its eccentric, creative, and talented outsiders. Mauerpark is one if not “the” Berlin’s most-visited Sunday hang-out. It is the perfect place to observe the hedonistic side and the persistent anarchist character of the city. The alternative scene that until a few years ago used to live and prosper in Prenzlauer Berg has been driven out by gentrification and the rising costs of living, and the park is its last remaining stronghold.

On Sundays from spring until autumn the park is packed with a crowd of curious people searching for any kind of amusements.The popularity of the Mauerpark also results from the karaoke sessions that take place at the amphitheater. Mauerpark translates as “wall park” in English. The reason for the name is a stretch of the original Berlin Wall which now serves as a constantly evolving canvas for spraycan artists and a colourful backdrop for the hive of activity that takes place here each weekend. It’s ironic that in the old divided city this space used to be part of the “death strip”, a no-man’s land between the east and west that was dotted with guard towers, lit up with bright lights and patrolled by armed soldiers with dogs.
Today Mauerpark is a park without walls or boundaries which overcomes social barriers and unites people from different backgrounds and origins.